We ONLY ship within Atlantic Canada - For International orders please contact your nearest JetFloat provider.

Marinas & Jetports

Jetfloat offers a long term, low cost solution for marina operators. The system can easily adapt to the growing demands of any marina and the incredible versatility allows layouts to be changed with very little effort. Berth sizes can be adjusted in no time with the simple turn of a key. Because the essential components have not changed, marina owners can have full confidence that additional parts required for future expansion will always be available.

Since our inception in 1976, people have been “driving” boats and other craft onto our Jetfloat system. In 1986 after the creation of our low profile unit we developed the first truly “Drive -On” docking system. Known initially as the “Boat Bed” it combined two sizes of units; standard and low profile in a unique configuration. By doing so, we created a simple design that allows various sizes of craft to safely and effectively “dry dock”. Unlike single purpose systems, one of the distinct advantages of the JetPort is that if the need for dry docking is no longer required, the Jetfloat units can simply be reconfigured for other uses.